Starship Troopers

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Varese Sarabande Records, 1997

REVIEW BY: Alfredo Narvaez


In case some don't remember--and I'm sure a few don't-- Starship Troopers was a big sci-fi, action-adventure, special-effects fest. Sure, the movie was not the greatest of all time, but it was good fun. Director Paul Verhoeven asked soundtrack composer Basil Poledouris to write the soundtrack to the movie due to their past history between them--which includes Robocop. The soundtrack does not dissapoint.

The best track in the soundtrack is the second track, "Klendathu Drop." As the main track of the film, it builds you up in a frenzy and takes you through peaks and valleys. The track returns in several other moments--"Destruction of the Rodger Young" and "Brainbug." But that's not all, other high moments include "Tango Urilla" and "Bugs!" This is almost classical music for those metalheads and headbangers.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

There's also some slower moments. "Punishment/Asteroid Grazing" features some lovely, quiet music that is interrupted right in the middle by another wave of sonic bombast--only to return to its quiet self at the end. It works great. Meanwhile, "Dizzy's Funeral" is very melancholic and touching. Which not only works great alone, but takes another life within the movie when Dina Meyer's character is laid to rest.

About the only problem I have with the soundtrack is the final track, "Into It." Written and sung by Zoe Poledouris--Basil's daughter--this song does what no album-closing track should do--makes you turn off the album. I understand that they were trying to make some futuristic pop, but this is as out-of-place as Dennis Rodman in Titanic. The album comes to a screeching halt when I reach this track. Fortunately, that is the only bad thing about the album.

Finally, the album works great in establishing some of the fascist themes that Verhoeven was sprinkling throughout his movie. "Fed Net March" comes in sounding like a clarion call and secedes into a little march which--if you saw the images in the movie it went with--was both funny and disturbing. Finally, "They Will Win" whips the listeners into a frenzy. It makes you want to go out and join these troopers.

Overall, this is a very good album. If you can, give it a try. You may just like it. While the final track prevents me from giving this album the A it deserves, I think it's still one of the better albums you can pick up. Hey! Beats up picking up a second copy of the Titanic soundtrack.


Rating: B+

User Rating: Not Yet Rated



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