Poindexter Presents: Five Little Monkeys And Other Kidstuff

Fran Snyder

Yoga Monkey Music, 2005

REVIEW BY: Jeff Clutterbuck


In the many reviews I've written for the Vault, this was the first time that a children's album got my listening attention. To be honest, I've always avoided doing these kind of reviews, because they are so different from the normal album. However, after giving Five Little Monkeys… a chance, it turns out I might have been missing out.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

This album isn't Dark Side Of The Moon and it isn't supposed to be. This CD was created for kids, and it succeeds admirably in that purpose. Who would have though that learning about polar bears or manatees could be so entertaining? I played this for my mom, who is a first grade teacher. Not only did her kids enjoy it, but she did too. That is the sign of a great kids' album; it doesn't drive adults nuts.

Major props have to be given to Fran Snyder for investing some creativity into this album. Besides the hilarious, shredding guitar playing polar bear Poindexter (maybe the Eagles could pick him up, they could use a personality in the band), the music here is well done. If you took away the lyrics and voices, this wouldn't sound like what most people consider a kids album to sound like. I could hear "Five Little Monkeys" coming from someone out there in the hip-hop world. The vocals for all the different animals capture that "essence" of the animal; my favorites have to be Poindexter and Hugh Manatee.

Are there any missteps? Not really. Five Little Monkeys is short, which helps its cause tremendously. For once, I actually applause the inclusion of kids on an album; it's cute to hear the kids singing along on songs such as "Flyswatter Soup." In fact, you could make the argument they help make the song even better. Even the only "normal" song on the album maintains the same level of quality. That track would be "Callie's Lullaby." Dedicated to the girl who inspired Five Little Monkeys, it's a ballad that would touch even the most hardened cynic.

For the past few days, I have found myself humming the refrains to some of these songs over and over again. That tells me two things; that it was a good album and, more than that, it was a fun listen. The kids will love it.

Rating: A

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