Division Kent

Sony BMG, 2005

REVIEW BY: Vish Iyer


New wave is back, and like most of the newcomers of the current age, Division Kent sounds as if it's been taking music lessons from the eighties New Wave era.

Hailing from Zurich, Division Kent comprises keyboardist Sky Antinori and singer Andrea B. The duo try hard to steer away from the '80s new wave sound, and while the infectious and antiquated dance beats of that era are present, the music is very European, leaning heavily towards the music of female-led electronica bands of the nineties.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

Cuts like "Monsterproof," "All You Fantasized," "Tango 2000" and "Sweet & Vicious" are soggy with rich layers of synth and strong bass textures, all in the trademark 80's flair. Andrea's dispassionate downbeat vocals on these highly charged upbeat tunes provide a conflict of vibes that gives the band a kind of creepy but attractive weirdness, not present in most new wave-aping acts of today - the ones that try to sound like they came from the '80s.

The more dark and psychedelic influences of '90s electronica come about on "Frantic," "Chemical Moon Baby," and especially on the moody "Brooklyn Dub," where the lesser uptempo swing in the music flows fully in harmony with Andrea's vocals. However, these numbers have a pretty sedated temper and a generously synth-soaked sound, and except for their sheer glumness and an accented female singing them, they don't meet much of the criteria for the black but contagiously foot-tapping music of '9's electronica.

Division Kent is just another face in the crowd of the new wave of New Wave acts (sorry, it was too tempting to pass up). Nonetheless, the group's music has an appeal to folks who have an ear for this sort of music, even if it's not the best the genre has to offer today.

Also worth noting is that the band was named for where they recorded this album, on the corner of Division Street and Kent Avenue in New York City.

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Rating: B+

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