Point # 1


Squint Records, 1996


REVIEW BY: Benjamin Ray


Chevelle released its debut with little fanfare in 1999, updating the alt-rock sound with the current trend of nu-metal power chords. It would have fit in with P.O.D. and Deftones on the radio, except that the band's lyrics and loud/soft dynamics are a step above bands of that stripe.

"Open" is a simple, catchy riff that leads into the solid title track. "Prove to You" is the hardest song here but keeps the hook first and aggression second; still, that piledriving riff sound great turned up. "Mia" is a little more delicate, more notable for Pete Loeffler's lyrics that alternate between quiet music and forceful shouting.

You have heard it before, but it's still a relief when a band can build up from quiet and explode into noise while making it sound natural. "Sma" is a great example of this, featuring the best riff on the record and a Rage Against the Machine feel. Others are less successful, sounding good while they play but not sticking in the listener's memory (such as "Long," "Peer" and "Skeptic"). 

Despite the aggression, the band is not angry, and that's a key difference. The lyrics are contemplative, almost spiritual at times, a nice change from similar band. Unfortunately, Chevelle would go on to become indistinguishable on the radio with songs like "Send the Pain Below," but my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 Point #1 is a fine hard rock listen.

Rating: B

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