Forbidden Fruit: Live From The Chitling Circuit

Bu Bonic Inc.

Independent, 2003

REVIEW BY: Jason Thornberry


"I have the microphone and you don't. SO YOU WILL LISTEN TO EVERY DAMN WORD I HAVE TO SAY!!!!!" Not a threat either.

The place: Virginia. The time: Right about now. The players: Hu Man, Link, Holy Smokes, Haze, Red, Dory Funk Jr., and singer Big Zoe. The album is Forbidden Fruitmy_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 . Wait!! There's none of the Southern-Sound-Stereotype to throw them into Outkast territory, or Master P, or anyone else that might immediately leap to mind. They have their own, and it's better if you just try not to think of them as being from anywhere.

Forbidden Fruit plays like a really good compilation, as the six MC's and one singer dominate the tracks they feature on. My surveillance (a sad observation) is, with all the totally useless shit that's getting massive advances/audiences, why is Bu Bonic having to self-release this? In a perfect world, skills on the M-I-C would be fundamental, rather than goofy-ass looks, empty posing, or LL's pointless biceps. Meanwhile Bu Bonic Inc. would be reachin' for #1, and the Fresh Prince would be putting salt on cheeseburgers.

"Let Me Know" is a bit of a break in the action, as singer Big Zoe takes over, and makes this crew 3-D with his voice. This album was produced by Len Funk, Joe Burn 'Em, Professor Zoom, and a Mike Luv (who, incidentally, doesn't sing about suntans in the Beach Boys). Len Funk's noise was a bit more lethal, but everyone here did was great, and I'm curious who's gonna work on Hu Man's "Hu Man on Eve" before that solo joint drops?

"The Haunting" and "Hutha" stand out as the most re-playable songs on Forbidden Fruit, but this album has a firm grip on my stereo anyway. The beat-boxing on "Hot Butter 2000" was a nice step back in time. So many heads claim Old School, but what's they believe it's all about Run DMC track-suits, and think the Fat Boys are just a nickname for their uncles. The competition wilts in Bu Bonic's presence. Without even copping a sweat, they'll "make your style evaporate like cheap-ass cologne."

For more information on Bu Bonic Inc, check out their website.

Rating: B

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