All About The Rock


Gotham Records, 2000

REVIEW BY: Paul Hanson


Damn the sophomore jinx because on All About The Rock, the Lexington, Kentucky trio Supafuzz play a 13 tracks of pure, unadulterated rock and roll.

This CD is about rock and roll and playing it the right way. A common trait of these tracks is that most, except for "Fade" start out innocent, more poppy than the song's main riff. Like their self-titled debut, nbtc__dv_250 All About The Rock encircles guitarist/vocalist David Angstrom. His vocals and lyrics have become more confrontational. There is enough heaviness for the heavy music fans (though this is not heavy metal).

Starting off with "Fool No More," Angstrom declares, "I won't be your fool no more/ I'm not as stupid as that/ If you want to be your own best friend/ Who will have the last laugh." What's appealing this time around is the extra vocal effects that Angstrom uses. His guitar playing is more focused, especially the riff on the best track on the CD, "Arguing With God." Angstrom coaxes a Pantera/Crowbar style riff from his axe, all the while spinning intense lyrics.

Supafuzz is smarter than your average band. Sure, they write short catchy tunes that make it easy for radio programmers to slip them in. "I Am The King" is the current single and its catchy clean tone intro makes the main riff of the song heavier. "Sick Of It" features the un-friendly radio lyrics "I think I worship Satan/ While I'm masturbating." Probably.

The last track "Fade" is another definite highlight. Beginning with a Chris Leathers drum intro, Angstrom and bassist Jason Groves quickly unite for another example of rock and roll. During the main section of the song, a similar riff to the "Arguing With God" riff unites the band together. Angstrom silences his guitar to allow Groves and Leathers to gel.

Perhaps the only thing that is deterring from this band's dominance of your airwaves is that you haven't been requesting their songs. While the band can be likened to some heavy bands, their style is firmly in an accessible vibe. "I Am The King" is starting the ball rolling for a promising young band.

Rating: A

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