Circuit Diagram

Crash Symbols Records, 2023


REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


A very unpredictable duo from Berlin and Hamburg, Nicolas Sheikholeslami and Kris Jakob, a.k.a. Circuit Diagram, create a very distinct, experimental version of electroacoustic sounds across these five really eclectic and challenging tracks, which can be as intense as they are meticulous. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

“Enter Center,” the album's shortest track, gets the listen off to an energetic start, where dense layers of thumping percussion and a mysterious climate seem tailor made for a late-night club soundtrack that carries traces of post-punk and welcomes Alexander P. Jovanovic's synth prowess.

“Troposphare” follows, and recruits Derya Yildirim's saz and vocals to the waves of deep ambience and off kilter, rhythmic sensations, throbbing playfully for over 11 minutes, while “Hallo Caravan” places Noah Rott on synth for iconoclastic jazz stabs that make great use of Sheikholeslami's very proficient, animated drumming.

The back half of the listen belongs to “Tokyo 2020” and “Unterholz.” The former is a lighthearted jab at the Summer Olympics that actually occurred in 2021 and illustrates an inimitable chemistry between Jakob's electronic talents and Sheikholeslami’s firm drumming. The latter is nearly 17 minutes of slow, hazy sounds amid wordless background voices that makes it seem like the listener is eavesdropping. Contributions from Touchy Mob on guitar and electronics are in attendance here, and it adds much to the lengthy finish.

Circuit Diagram isn’t the only artistic outlet this pair has. Sheikholeslami is additionally known as Caykh and one of the minds integral to Spiritczualic Enhancement, and Jakok also goes by F#X.

A very innovative affair, this EP spotlights ideas such as trance-rock, psychedelic wandering, modern electronica and dance-punk as Circuit Diagram balance a frenzied energy with rare dreaminess and darker moments of mood-focused songcraft.

Rating: B

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