ArtistAlbumReviewerReview Date
ChicagoWhat's It Gonna Be, Santa?Jeff Clutterbuck2004-12-08
ChicagoChicago XXXJeff Clutterbuck2006-03-21
ChicagoChicago VIIJeff Clutterbuck2005-03-07
ChicagoChicago Transit AuthorityBenjamin Ray2005-02-08
ChickenfootChickenfootJason Warburg2009-06-27
ChimairaResurrectionPaul Hanson2007-04-26
CholaGroove The NationChristopher Thelen2000-08-14
Chroma KeyDead Air For RadiosDuke Egbert2007-01-11
Chrome LocustChrome LocustChristopher Thelen1999-08-05
Chuck DThe Autobiography Of MistachuckSean McCarthy1997-09-04
ChumbawambaWhat You See Is What You GetJason Thornberry2003-04-25
The ChurchStarfishBenjamin Ray2015-10-24
CinderellaNight SongsSean McCarthy1998-08-07
Cirque Du SoleilKaJason Warburg2005-11-22
Eric ClaptonMoney And CigarettesDavid Bowling2011-01-27
Eric ClaptonBehind The SunDavid Bowling2011-01-28
Chantal ClaretThe One, The OnlyJeff Clutterbuck2012-07-17
The ClashFrom Here To Eternity LiveChristopher Thelen2000-01-09
The Clay PeopleThe Clay PeopleChristopher Thelen1998-06-24
Jimmy CliffBlack MagicTammy Childs2004-12-22
George ClintonComputer GamesChristopher Thelen1999-08-22
Joe CockerOrganicJB1997-06-17
Joe CockerHard KnocksMark Millan2010-11-04
Alice CohenPink KeysTom Haugen2012-09-03
ColdplayProspektís March (EP)Melanie Love2008-12-11
Collective SoulFrom The Ground UpVish Iyer2005-04-26
Phil CollinsFace ValueChristopher Thelen1998-05-10
Color RadioArchitectsVish Iyer2011-10-14
Shawn ColvinA Few Small RepairsJason Warburg2013-10-12
CommonUniversal Mind ControlJedediah Pressgrove2010-09-23

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