ArtistAlbumReviewerReview Date
Fleming & JohnDelusions Of GrandeurChristopher Thelen1999-10-21
KansasKansasChristopher Thelen2008-10-02
SoundtrackZero EffectChristopher Thelen1998-05-09
Bob Marley & The WailersUprisingChristopher Thelen1999-02-21
FrictionGlow WithinChristopher Thelen1997-02-20
Jethro TullLive At Madison Square Garden 1978 (DVD)Christopher Thelen2009-12-17
Frank ZappaBaby SnakesChristopher Thelen2000-09-22
Mike BloomfieldLive At The Old WaldorfChristopher Thelen1998-11-17
EaglesOne Of These NightsChristopher Thelen1997-06-18
Public AnnouncementDon't Hold BackChristopher Thelen2001-03-12
Cliff EdwardsUkulele Ike Sings AgainChristopher Thelen1998-06-03
SoundtrackThe FogChristopher Thelen2000-11-16
Iron MaidenRock In RioChristopher Thelen2002-04-05
Chuck ProphetThe Hurting BusinessChristopher Thelen2000-01-19
Dan FogelbergFull CircleChristopher Thelen2008-03-27
NothingfaceAn Audio Guide To Everyday AtrocityChristopher Thelen1999-04-11
Bob DylanBiographChristopher Thelen2017-05-23
Shades ApartSonic BoomChristopher Thelen2001-06-03
White ZombieLa Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume 1Christopher Thelen1998-07-18
Jethro TullBenefitChristopher Thelen2004-07-14
Mannheim SteamrollerChristmasChristopher Thelen2000-12-20
NirvanaNirvanaChristopher Thelen2003-02-07
Toni PriceLow Down And UpChristopher Thelen1999-05-13
Todd RundgrenNo World OrderChristopher Thelen1998-01-07
Tori AmosUnder The PinkChristopher Thelen2017-01-13
Brooks & DunnHard Workin' ManChristopher Thelen1998-08-01
Iron MaidenEddie's ArchiveChristopher Thelen2004-09-28
Uriah HeepInnocent VictimChristopher Thelen2001-01-31
Richard LloydThe Cover Doesn't MatterChristopher Thelen2001-06-13
Chet DelcampoThe FountainChristopher Thelen2000-07-12

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