ArtistAlbumReviewerReview Date
Original Broadway Cast RecordingThe Lion KingChristopher Thelen1998-02-05
The Mountain GoatsThe Life Of The World To ComeMelanie Love2009-10-22
The Lied To'sThe Lesser Of Two EvilsTom Haugen2019-01-19
Harry BelafonteThe Legacy Of Harry Belafonte: When Colors Come TogetherDavid Bowling2017-03-29
El McMeenThe Lea RigChristopher Thelen2001-07-24
StingThe Last ShipTom Haugen2013-12-03
Original Blues Brothers BandThe Last Shade of Blue Before BlackDavid Bowling2017-09-21
The Sam Chase & The UntraditionalThe Last Rites Of Dallas PistolTom Haugen2020-02-12
Original Motion Picture SoundtrackThe Last KissMelanie Love2006-10-03
Boy GeniusThe Last Grand ExperimentChristopher Thelen1998-07-27
MinistryThe Land Of Rape And HoneySean McCarthy1999-01-03
Cee Lo GreenThe Lady KillerJeff Clutterbuck2011-07-05
 The Lady KillerJeff Clutterbuck2011-07-05
RadioheadThe King Of LimbsMelanie Love2011-03-08
The KindThe KindEric E5S161998-06-03
Jethro TullThe Jethro Tull Christmas AlbumJeff Clutterbuck2006-12-25
Mark EitzelThe Invisible ManJason Thornberry2003-05-15
Keely SmithThe Intimate Keely Smith (Expanded CD Reissue)David Bowling2016-11-09
ErasureThe InnocentsMichael R. Smith2007-06-10
Lion SphereThe Infinite YouVish Iyer2017-02-24
Albert AylerThe Impulse StoryMichael Broyles2010-01-03
MadonnaThe Immaculate CollectionSean McCarthy1999-11-16
Tears For FearsThe HurtingMichael R. Smith2007-04-08
Joe ThompsonThe Hunting & The HopeJason Warburg2008-01-04
Mott The HoopleThe HoopleJason Warburg2009-04-09
Assembly of DustThe Honest HourTammy Childs2005-08-26
Sixx A.M.The Heroin Diaries SoundtrackPaul Hanson2007-09-27
FastballThe Help MachineJason Warburg2019-11-20
SpineshankThe Height Of CallousnessSandra Gilraine2002-04-10
FailureThe Heart Is A MonsterPete Crigler2015-07-12

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