ArtistAlbumReviewerReview Date
George HarrisonDark HorseDavid Bowling2018-01-17
DAUGHTRYDAUGHTRYCory Galliher2007-02-21
Panic At The DiscoDeath Of A BachelorBenjamin Ray2016-01-26
Bobby Rush With Blinddog Smokin'DecisionDavid Bowling2014-04-15
Gary Douglas BandDeep In The WaterJason Warburg2018-11-30
TherionDeggialChristopher Thelen2000-03-20
Dr. RobertsDennis Foxx LivesChristopher Thelen2002-01-04
The Flower KingsDesolation RoseBruce Rusk2015-02-22
Grateful DeadDick's Picks Volume ThreeChristopher Thelen2000-01-02
WolfmotherDimensions (EP)Benjamin Ray2006-07-10
CandleboxDisappearing In AirportsBenjamin Ray2016-05-03
OpprobriumDiscerning ForcesChristopher Thelen2000-11-10
Fates WarningDisconnectedChristopher Thelen2000-09-28
InstituteDistort YourselfCory Galliher2006-06-06
DiVinylsDivinylsEric E5S161998-02-11
Frank ZappaDoes Humor Belong In Music?Christopher Thelen2005-09-20
Mayday RadioDon QuixoteBenjamin Ray2012-12-21
Demi LovatoDon't ForgetMike Cirelli2009-04-08
Vesuvio SoloDon't Leave Me in the DarkVish Iyer2017-01-06
BostonDon't Look BackChristopher Thelen2001-02-05
311Don't Tread On MeBenjamin Ray2007-02-13
Patty DukeDonít Just Stand There/PattyDavid Bowling2013-07-29
Borns DopamineMelanie Love2015-10-29
Garth BrooksDouble LiveChristopher Thelen1998-11-23
Ted NugentDouble Live GonzoChristopher Thelen1998-03-26
HeartDreamboat AnnieChristopher Thelen2000-01-05
Joe BonamassaDriving Towards The DaylightBenjamin Ray2012-11-12
Bob DylanDylanChristopher Thelen2014-06-02
Bryan FerryDylanesque Live (DVD)David Bowling2007-07-02
EchobrainEchobrainChristopher Thelen2002-03-11

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