Vish Iyer's Reviews

ArtistAlbumReview Date
Jesus JonesDoubt2008-08-04
Italian JapaneseThe Lush Romantic Weirdness2010-06-04
IslandFeels Like Air2018-10-05
InterpolOur Love To Admire2007-08-20
Inner SurgeMatrika2004-04-02
IncubusMonuments And Melodies2009-06-23
In The Valley BelowThe Belt2014-11-25
Imitating AeroplanesPlanet Language2017-10-14
Idiot PilotWolves2008-02-26
Idgy DeanOminous Harminus2015-11-20
How To Destroy AngelsHow To Destroy Angels2010-10-26
Host EchoBe Water2005-07-29
Hoots And HellmouthSalt2012-03-23
Holy FictionHours From It2010-07-09
The Hit BackWho Are These Weird Old Kids2011-11-25
HeavenAll Love Is Blue2018-08-03
Robin Guthrie & Mark GardenerUniversal Road2015-09-03
GuitaroJJ’s Crystal Palace2011-05-05
Guadalupe PlataGuadalupe Plata 20112012-04-20
Valery GoreIdols In The Dark Heart2014-12-19
Gone Gone BeyondGone Gone Beyond2017-09-22
Go Yoko!White Noise Riot2013-07-26
Glass TowersHalcyon Days2015-09-24
Jenny GillespieKindred2014-10-17
George & CaplinThings Past2006-08-04

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Vish Iyer's Articles

TitleTypeArticle Date
Drop The Fear: The InterviewFeature2005-08-22
Collective Soul's Will Turpin: The Daily Vault InterviewFeature2006-02-07
2006: Top 10 ConcertsBest of2006-12-31
2007: Ten Shows That Rocked (And Three That Didn't)Best of2007-12-24
Inside The SmithsFeature2008-03-25
Puracane's Ali Rogers: The Daily Vault InterviewFeature2009-06-29
Dark Progression DVD Delves Deep Into Depeche ModeFeature2009-08-13
20 Albums That Influenced Me: Vish IyerFeature2017-01-13
Vish Iyer's 101 Favorite SongsFeature2020-04-03
2023: Top 10 Albums From Artists You've Probably Never Heard of...and Should! Best of2023-12-16