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Wichita Recordings, 2017

REVIEW BY: Pete Crigler


On their first record in 21 years, shoegaze icons Ride returns with one of the most striking releases of the year. This disc is absolutely amazing from start to finish and has made me an instant fan. I truly wasn’t expecting much at the beginning because – as some of my friends know – I am not the biggest fan of shoegaze. But it’s impossible not to hear a song like “Lannoy Point” and immediately get swept in. It’s just amazing, powerful, and moving almost right from the get go. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

“All I Want” feels like a surefire hit from 1996 but with a modern twist. The song sounds and feels great and is a welcome relief from the beat to death dance direction of current alternative music. “Home Is A Feeling” definitely feels like classic shoegaze: slow, full of rhythm and almost deafening volume. It reminds me a bit of their classic “Leave Them All Behind.” The fact that they have basically picked up where they left off really shows how powerful these guys are and have always been.

The title track is an epic seven minutes and feels like classic era Ride, a band that always did things their own way and became legends as a result. “Rocket Silver Symphony” is the only cut here besides the instrumental “Integration Tape” that doesn’t live up to the gold standard. It feels a bit flat and while the melodies are good, the song as a whole just doesn’t work.

“Lateral Alice” is a really good rocker with references to David Foster Wallace and just an all-around great feel. It’s one of the best tracks of the year. “Cali” is another amazing song and one that really helps make this one of the most amazing and unexpectedly great records I’ve heard in quite some time. Featuring great guitar work and some amazing vocals from Gardner and Bell, this one is just amazing.

Closing track “White Sands” is a great ballad and a nice departure. It’s an amazing way to close out one of the more awe-inspiring records I’ve heard in quite some time. This is definitely a must hear record for anyone who wants to experience real rock music again and anyone looking for something great to jam to.

Rating: A-

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