Lamb Of God

Epic, 2012

REVIEW BY: Paul Hanson


I like to play golf. When you play golf, each hole is assigned a number of strokes that you should be taking. My rule is that I stop counting strokes after nine – I’m not a PGA golfer and my usual playing partner is my father-in-law. While we get a little competitive, we are consistent players. We know what the other will probably do on the course.


The same is true for Lamb Of God’s Resolution. Fans or mere acquaintances of the band know what to expect, which are guttural vocals, insane drumming, and riffs that would melt the face of the Nazis in Raiders Of The Lost Ark. All of these trademarks are present and accounted for on this disc. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250


And in the interest of full disclosure, I’ve become enamored with Lamb Of God over the years. Their releases get a lot of playtime in my headphones. Vocalist Randy Blythe begins this release using his guttural vocal style during “Straight For The Sun” with intensity. The music is a slow, plodding dose of conviction. The 2:26 track sounds like it would be ideal to begin over the PA after the houselights go out at a concert. From that point, there is no letdown.


This release is a continual ascension. There are no filler tracks on this album, which is a streak the band continues. Instead of going balls-out for 56 minutes, the band is starting to stretch a little. There is a brief acoustic guitar at the beginning of “Ghost Walking” to change pace. Guitarists Mark Morton and Willie Adler are writing the best riffs of their career with the material on this release. The riffs are head-bobbing material.


“The Number Six” stands out as my favorite track. I am consistently looking for parts of the band’s songs that show a different approach or a different idea. Never before on a Lamb Of God release has the band dipped into a, dare I say, mellow and melodic section like they do on this song at the 2:14 mark. While this section is sandwiched between metal blasts, the fact that they are stretching out into new ideas is refreshing. Another strong track is “Cheated,” which is an all-out aggressive 2:35. If you can air drum along with Chris Adler, you have my respect.


That said, Resolution remains a par for the course type of release. Fans like me knew what to expect before pressing Play on track one and should not be disappointed as the premier heavy metal band continues their trend of aggression and hostility, serving up 56 minutes of their musical vision.

Rating: A

User Rating: Not Yet Rated


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