Legally Blonde

Original Broadway Cast Recording

Ghostlight, 2007

REVIEW BY: Elizabeth Crowder


That's right -- there is a musical based on the 2001 movie, Legally Blonde.  As you know, this tale follows the tenacious and effervescent Elle Woods in her quest to prove to everyone that she is worth taking seriously.  Granted, I tend to err on the side of girliness, but suspending that fact, the musical has a number of qualities anyone would appreciate in their soundtrack collection.

To begin with, the songs are creative and quirky. From the start, "Omigod, You Guys" makes the Elle Woods, ditzy California girl mentality clear. Though it seems like a total homage to everything fake and/or inane, certain sections of this song, as with the rest of the musical, strike a chord in anyone listening. "What You Want" is her Harvard admissions essay as Elle determines her course of action and brings a power to the character that I did not expect.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

Elle Woods' character in the musical is performed by Laura Bell Bundy, whose voice is clear and convincing despite the oftentimes ironic lyrics. "Serious" is sung by Richard M. Blake (playing her initial love interest, Warner), who has the audacity to break up with Elle when she expects him to propose.  The point of the song is so hilarious, as Warner wants "somebody classy and not so tacky," while Elle's response -- "but I am seriously in love with you" -- carries a surprising amount of emotion.

Another way this soundtrack is different is in the use of Elle's Delta Nu sorority sisters as a "Greek Chorus" who follow her through her time at Harvard. "Positive" is a great example of how their background helps the story along. They are also key in "Chip On My Shoulder" (with Christian Borle as Emmett) and "So Much Better," at the turning point of the musical where Elle finds herself acknowledging her strengths and feeling more confident as the new law student she has become.

"There! Right There!" asks the question of a key character in the criminal case Elle is a part of, which is "Is he gay or European?" Hilarious is an understatement as the cast muses, "Gay or just exotic? We still can't crack the code. Yes, his accent is hypnotic but his shoes are pointy-toed."

Those who have seen the movie Legally Blonde will remember the "Bend And Snap" move, which is reflected in the musical as a song by Elle, her hairdresser friend Paulette, and the Greek Chorus. There is something so liberating about owning up to the power you have as a woman as the chorus tells Paulette, "Girl, if you wanna make the team, fake some self esteem!" A simple lesson enveloped in a catchy song makes this a download worthy track.

Bundy proves her vocal strength in the songs "Legally Blonde" and "Find My Way," though the cast as a whole brings her to a different level. The storyline of Legally Blonde is such that everyone can relate to parts of Elle's story.  We have all been broken hearted, discouraged underdog, wanting that dream to come true.  In the end, as with Elle Woods, the happily ever after is not what anyone expected but more than she could have hoped for.

Rating: B

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