Home For Misfits

Kaz Murphy

Lyrical Porpoise Music, 2007


REVIEW BY: David Bowling


Kaz Murphy is one of a growing number of independent artists who have paid his or her musical dues. Murphy has spent years on the road and literally performed thousands of times in his career.

This has allowed him, despite his indie designation and history, to produce a mature album of smooth, polished material while remaining in touch with his capabilities. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

Murphy is difficult to fit into any one musical category. He is definitely from the singer/songwriter side of the musical spectrum. He probably comes closest to being classified as a pop artist who crosses over into country every so often.

Home For Misfits is Murphy’s third independent album. It is a wonderfully even piece of work. There are a number of superior performances and no real disasters. which is rare for an independent production and makes this one worth seeking out.

While a more than competent vocalist, Kaz Murphy’s real talent is as a songwriter. He is an excellent poet who crafts songs in short bursts of creative energy which eventually coalesce into a whole. He is one of the more interesting songwriters I have encountered, although it would have been nice to have lyrics somewhere in the packaging.

Some highlights from Home For Misfits include “Hardly Think About That” and “Waitin’ For Elvis,” which lead off the album. Both are uptempo tunes with Murphy supporting himself on acoustic guitar against a variety of background instruments. His intermittent use of the violin as a background instrument is innovative and interesting. Both songs set the tone both musically and lyrically for what are to follow. “Below The Skin” is very strong lyrically as it pushes the mind of the listener toward self examination. “Honey, Was That You?” is about searching but never being satisfied. This song is emblematic of the chord that Murphy can strikes in the minds and hearts of his audience.

Home For Misfits is an album that will make you think, wonder and ultimately smile. The miles that Murphy has traveled and the time he has spent honing his craft have been well spent. Hopefully, there will be a lot more miles to travel.

Rating: A-

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