Truth Is Currency

Revelation Theory

Element One, 2005

REVIEW BY: Cory Galliher


There's a difficult question that I've faced time and again as a reviewer: how do you rate an album from a band who's honestly trying but just isn't very good? Is it better to give them a high rating to acknowledge their efforts in hopes of getting another album with better music? Or should I call it as I see it and write the band off as a loss? my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

I'm going to cop out and take the middle ground for Truth Is Currency. Revelation Theory has talent, to be sure, and the successful singles "Slowburn" and "Selfish And Cold" prove this. But the rest of their album is forgettable; I feel like a teacher writing a letter to a kid's parents telling them their child isn't applying himself.

For what it's worth, the singles are good; really good, actually. Both are classic rock tracks that were stuck in my head for several days after I heard them. It's worth noting that the radio edit of "Selfish And Cold" is more polished than the album version, but it's still very good; it and "Slowburn" are almost worth the price of admission.

Almost -- that's a painful word, isn't it? The sad truth of the matter is that the rest of this album just doesn't have much that stands out. "Loathe" is good largely because it's got some pretty heavy riffs and doesn't feel completely forced; "World To Burn" isn't bad either, for the same reason. Sadly, the rest of the music is mediocre, so we end up with two great tracks, two good tracks, and six eh-okay-average-meh tracks.

That's not enough to recommend an album, but just enough to say you might enjoy it. Clearly, the band knows what its doing musically, but the songwriting just isn't there yet. The best thing to do is hear the singles and keep an ear out for what Revelation Theory does next. I have a feeling it will be very good.

Rating: C

User Rating: Not Yet Rated


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