Wasted Youth

Mick Kolassa

Endless Blues Records, 2021


REVIEW BY: David Bowling


I have been following Mick Kolassa’s career for nearly two decades and his albums have never disappointed. Such is the case with his newest release Wasted Youth.

Kolassa is a simple modern-day blues musician, who spins his tales from his life experiences and sets them to music.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

As with many people, 2020 was not kind to Mick Kolassa. He lost his wife and several friends to the virus. He has taken these experiences, and others, and used them to help create his latest album. The 11 original songs and one cover look back and reflect upon life and humanity.

The two songs that highlight the album could only have been written by a person who has passed retirement age. “Wasted Youth” is a lament about looking back at the lost possibilities of having been young and “Throwing Away These Blues” is about the redemption of standing up to life.

He has always been able to write a love song. “I’m Missing You” is an up-tempo piece that runs counter to the message, while “Easy Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” deals with the difficulties of love.

Again, “Pieces Of My Past” can only really be appreciated by people who has downsized their possessions and moved away from what they thought important.

The only non-original song is “Darkness To Light.” It is a wonderfully creative melding of three songs: War’s “Slipping Into Darkness,” The Youngblood’s “Darkness Darkness,” and the old traditional folk song, “Wayfaring Stranger.” The ending brings a spiritual note to the other two songs.

Mick Kolassa has produced a very personal release that not only looks at the past year of his life but also his seven decades on Earth. It is a journey worth joining with him.

Rating: B+

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