Magic Sword

Joyful Noise Records, 2020


REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


The trio of immortals known as Magic Sword returns with a sophomore album, where their keyboards, guitars, and drums formula has their synthwave template continuing to fight the evil running rampant in the multiverse. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

“Depths Of Powers” starts the listen with buzzing synth as a firm '80s setting enters the light and airy, beat-filled fun. “Invincible” takes that lead and delivers a club-friendly tune that's part dance rock, part post-punk.

The remainder of the album follows a similar course – instrumental and mysterious – including the cinematic swells of the tense yet playful “Empress” as well as the pulsating, hypnotic “Shores Of Oblivion,” which ends entirely too soon.

Deeper cuts bring us the haunting and atmospheric “Corruption,” while the precise synth and percussion dynamics of  “A New Quest” is hands down one of the album's best. “Endless” exits the listen with a sublime orchestral introduction before soaring sounds enter the equation, leaving a strong impression.

A band whose origins are rooted in the timeless tale of good and evil, Magic Sword’s records come with very detailed comics that tracks the adventures of The Keeper Of the Magic Sword, The Seer of All Truths, and The Weaver Of All Hearts and Souls, aka Magic Sword. Although this record has the fantasy rockers closing out a chapter of their quest, of course there is more to be done on their journey that will likely be explored next time around.

A live performance of Magic Sword has the members in cloaks with masks and their audience often outfitted with lit swords. It's not hard to consider them the retrowave/electronic version of pop punkers Masked Intruder. Musically, think of John Carpenter, Daft Punk, or a more sci-fi version of New Order, and you get some idea of the novel approach that is Magic Sword.

Rating: B

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