Tenacious D

Columbia, 2018

REVIEW BY: Pete Crigler


Advisory: This review may be a little angrier than usual, but hey, if a record sucks, a listener demands explanation.

 First off, six years waiting for a half hour record? What the hell. This record is essentially the soundtrack for a cheapo cartoon that can be found on YouTube. At least six “tracks” are just spoken by Jack Black or Kyle Glass, and they all have to do with the cartoon. It doesn’t really feel like there’s any legitimate songs here, just snippets of stuff that could’ve worked a lot better if they’d been fleshed out. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

“Hope” is the closest thing to a full track, but at less than two minutes, you’re not gonna get a whole lot out of it other than a brief moment of something good. “Making Love” is a folk song along the lines of “Fuck Her Gently,” but not as good. If one is expecting the D to bring the rock, one might be sorely pissed off.

The closest they come to rock on this disc is “Daddy Ding Dong” and “Woman Time,” but there’s really nothing here to recommend because the songs just don’t have enough meat to make them wind up in your head for eternity like “Kickapoo” or “Tribute.” “Robot” is the only song that feels as funny as we know the D can be and is the only track I found myself actually digging.

This feels like it was released only because it’s been so long since the last record and the D felt like they needed to appease the fans in some way. But unfortunately, this wasn’t the best way to do it. Post-Apocalypto is slight, disappointing, and possibly the biggest ripoff of the year. It’s an absolute travesty of a record and one that Kage and Jables should be extremely disappointed with, just as much as listeners are.

Rating: F

User Rating: Not Yet Rated



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