American Noise, 2015


REVIEW BY: Pete Crigler


On their fourteenth studio album, Ireland rockers Therapy? have returned with their best all-around album since 2000’s Suicide Pact – You First. Of course, the band is still having American distribution problems, and so this is currently only available as an import on CD, but is readily available on Spotify and iTunes. With some of the strongest songs the band has written since 2003’s my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 High Anxiety, this is definitely one of Therapy?’s most interesting records in quite some time.

Guitarist/singer Andy Cairns, bassist Michael McKeegan, and drummer Neil Cooper come roaring back with powerfully ferocious songs such as “Insecurity” and “Idiot Cousin.” Playing with a renewed fire and intensity, something that Therapy? hasn’t really pursued in a number of years, the band really makes these songs come to life. “Insecurity” harkens back to their Troublegum-mid ‘90s heyday; it’s just a pure crusher of a track.

The main single, “Still Hurts,” is an okay track but is not deserving of single status. That title should be bestowed on “Good News Is No News,” a radio-ready song that just kills. Another song more deserving of single status is “Helpless Still Lost,” which is one of those great tracks that deserves to be heard.

The band deviates into slower territory on “Tides,” but that doesn’t mean the song ain’t no good. The band still manages to deliver a great track with a different vibe and feel to it. The highlight of the album lies with “Vulgar Display Of Powder,” a song of punishing intensity that ranks amongst the best the band has ever come up with. The amount of intensity coming out of the amps and drums is enough to make a metalhead proud.

In almost thirty years of making music, Therapy? has been one of those bands you either love or have never ever heard of. Once you find them, however, you want to hold onto them forever, no matter how inconsistent their records can be. Disquiet is one of the most important records of their career: a renaissance record if you will. Do yourself a favor and have a listen to a rock record free of bullshit.

Rating: B

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