Dangerous Anything

The Albertans

Ernest Jenning Recording Co., 2013


REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


I used to feel that the only thing I needed to know about Canadian indie rock was The Weakerthans. And while I'd still argue that they are the best thing our neighbors to the north have produced, there are certainly plenty of Canucks giving them a run for their money. Vancouver, BC four piece The Albertans is one of those bands. With my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 Dangerous Anything, their third album, the quartet has crafted a darker listen that enters into krautrock influences while maintaining the eccentric hooks and ambient pop that have become their trademark sound.

Dangerous Anything is an album where each song varies enough so as to never run the same course while still staying rooted to a distinct tone. It leads off with the instrumental, blurry prog rock-spirited "Casa Agua." Further along, they get more direct with the garage rock of Ohio Light And Fire” or the cooing indie rock of the hypnotic "Jason.” Mood plays a large part in their formula, especially in the tense and distorted sound of the purposely muddy "Invisible Fortress," while the dreamy and cinematic looping and synth on the first single "Casual Encounters" explores the other side of the spectrum from a more upbeat angle. The album exits similarly to how it enters, as 'Black Moon" closes it out with eight minutes of prog rock meandering and barely audible vocals that build up into walls of sonic noise before resting.

The Albertans is of the best examples of what qualifies today as top-notch indie rock. While they've had a hard time dodging the MGMT comparisons, The Albertans is undeniably coming into their own on this spellbinding album. Those with an interest in electro-pop, indie rock and wandering music that isn't afraid to experiment and explores light and dark, quiet and propulsive, will find plenty to enjoy with Dangerous Anything.

Rating: B+

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