Hello (For You I'm Dying)


Rodeostar, 2008


REVIEW BY: Paul Hanson


4Lyn add nothing to the world of music except by being yet another band that absolutely fails to distinguish itself from the slew of other groups. So why do they even bother? Not to mention, the shoddy musicianship and the muddy production don't help their weak material either. If 4Lyn succeeds at anything on this album, it is recording bland songs that are forgettable immediately after a first listen.

The band kicks off Hello with "The Grind." Things go downhill rapidly with lyrics like, "Turn off your radio / Turn off your video… Grab a hottie / Let's get naughty… This ain't no trick or treat." I could quote more, but you get the idea. Clichés and terrible near rhymes really have no business in a song. nbtc__dv_250

The music is adequately simplistic, and vocalist Bron “Braz” Cazzato doesn't sound like anyone I'd want to listen to for an extended period of time. “Shadow Valley" doesn't do much either to make this album even average. With the whiny declaration, "As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death / I hope there is somebody left / Someone like you / Someone like me." Pathetic. Meanwhile, the title track is stupid as well. The theme of the song declares a love so strong that their death will prove this love, but the instrumentation is mundane and the overdone electronic effects are grating.

The following song, "World's Gone Crazy," is equally discouraging. After all, how many songs do we need before we have filled our quota for the word "crazy" anyways? There was no reason to record this song. I’m also tired of bands singing lyrics similar to what 4Lyn puts forth in "Too Much Of Anything," when Cazzato sings, "Better be careful what you wish for / Because you might get it tonight." How many bands and songs have copied this exact sentiment and why did 4Lyn need to contribute to this overkill?

Track six, "Nostalgia," starts out pathetic and doesn't grovel out of the hole it has dug. "I found a picture of you and me / From 1989 when we / Shared the world together / Happiest teens could be / I write these lines in case I see you no more." Every time I start trying to make it through this song, I skip ahead to "Lovemaker/Soulshaker." Then I tolerate a minute of the boring drumming, the equally boring guitar, and the uninteresting arrangement and instantly remember why I despise this release.

I am confident that there is no redeeming value in this release. Pathetic. You’re welcome for suffering through this release so you don't have to.

Rating: F

User Rating: Not Yet Rated


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