Windows And Walls

Dan Fogelberg

Full Moon/Epic, 1984

REVIEW BY: David Bowling


The Innocent Age, released in 1981, was the apex of Dan Fogelberg’s commercial and critical success. This multi-platinum double album spawned three hit singles and established Fogelberg as one of the most popular concert draws in the country. A Greatest Hits album would be released in 1982 that contained a couple of new tunes, but it would be over two years before Fogelberg released another album of all new material.

Windows and Walls, released in 1984, diverged from the successful formula of Fogelberg’s early eighties albums. While the album contained several typical Fogelberg ballads, it also took some chances. As such, it was not embraced to the extent of my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 The Innocent Age. While Windows and Walls would sell about a million copies, it would mark a down turn in Fogelberg’s commercial, if not critical popularity.

Looking back upon Dan Fogelberg’s catalogue of original LP releases, Side One of this album remains my favorite group of songs. Windows And Walls also contains my favorite Fogelberg song and, according to a late life interview, Dan Fogelberg’s favorite song as well.

What is my favorite Fogelberg song, you ask? That honor goes to “The Language Of Love,” which leads off the album. This track contains ballad-type lyrics set to crashing guitar chords, making it a rare love song that rocks; though it was a minor hit for Fogelberg, this creative song deserved better.

The album’s title track is a song about growing older, a process that Fogelberg was undergoing at the time as he left his early career behind. “Loving Cup” is a mid-tempo rocker with some excellent guitar and lyrics about romantic angst. According to a Fogelberg interview, “Tucson, Arizona (Gazette)” was his favorite song. Clocking in at over eight-and-a-half minutes, this love story opus is almost a novel set to music. It is a rare instance of Fogelberg stretching himself both musically and lyrically.

Unfortunately, Side Two of Windows and Walls is weak. Such songs as “Believe In Me” and “Sweet Magnolia” are failed love songs and deserve to be buried in the Fogelberg catalogue. If you are playing this disc in its original vinyl format, don’t turn it over.

Windows and Walls was a brave attempt by Dan Fogelberg to break away from his past. When artists take chances of this nature, most of the time there is some good and bad, and that is the case here. Still, this album should be remembered for it four excellent songs that are some of the strongest that Dan Fogelberg would produce during his long career.

Rating: B+

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