Say Something (EP)

Stealing Jane

Independent release, 2007

REVIEW BY: Benjamin Ray


Stealing Jane is a combination of many things; ska, pop, rock and a little bit of soul. The seven-piece Long Island band is known for its live shows and a base of fans that promote the hell out of the band every time a concert is scheduled.

As is the case with amazing live bands too often, translating that energy and fun to a disc isn’t entirely successful. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 Say Something’s six songs hint at what this band can be, but rarely go beyond that.

Save for the first song, though. “Outside” is that rare song that warrants hitting the “repeat” button as soon as it ends. A catchy guitar riff and some soulful sax in the background set the mood, and although the song could be classified as ska/pop it’s too varied to be put in one category. The sax solo at 2:30 and a keyboard solo prior to that would make this a dynamic single.

Unfortunately, “Heartbreaker” was chosen as a single instead, a poor choice considering the piece sounds like an album track from an early 311 disc. In many ways, Stealing Jane recalls 311 in that band’s heyday; they are far more complex than, say, Less Than Jake, and when they let loose instrumentally it’s a joy to hear. The brief guitar solo is all that saves “Heartbreaker.”

“Take It Easy” sounds like a Dave Matthews piece hooked up to an IV of Prozac, while “This Is Goodbye” is solid journeyman rock; both are fine. “More” is decent, more for the 70s funk/soul it suggests than what it achieves, and “Better Things” is just another derivative ska/pop track we’ve heard before.

It would be worthwhile to hear these guys in concert, and if they record more songs like “Outside” they’ll go far in the business. Say Something is a solid EP that hints at this band’s capabilities, which is all an EP is supposed to do. Fans of ska pop or Maroon 5-type music will probably get the most out of this.

Rating: B-

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