Eleven Seven, 2007

REVIEW BY: Benjamin Ray


If you like heavy, angry, power-chord-thrashing mindless modern rock, Trapt is your band.

Much like Rage Against The Machine, Trapt is one of those bands you listen to when you're pissed off. But Chris Brown possesses little of the charisma, political leanings or amazing solo skills of Tom Morello and Zack De La Rocha, making this just an exercise in noise.

The band has two studio albums to its credit and a third is due out in early 2008, so my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 Live is a stopgap, introducing two new songs and nine live ones, which encompass the band's biggest hits -- "Headstrong," "Stillframe" and "Echo." The Minneapolis crowd loves the band, and it sounds as if they put on a great, energetic show, so fans will definitely get into this.

But I just can't. The constant roar of the chords, inability of the rhythm section to distinguish itself and and the dull throb is just too much after a while. Granted, "Stillframe" is a good song and a great way to open the disc, but Brown's paeans to the crowd grow tiresome. "Made Of Glass" is surprisingly subdued but just average, sounding like every other band on modern rock radio -- without the CD in hand, it would be nearly impossible to distinguish this group from so many others that sound like it.

"Skin Deep" is not bad, and "Echo" is another slower tune that manages an aura of silent menace, recalling the better alternative rock of the 90s, specifically Bush. But "Hollowman," "Stand Up" and "Disconnected" are just noise, and the closing "Headstrong" fails to build on the studio version -- it's just louder and a little longer, but not better.

The two opening studio tracks are intended to drum up interest in the third disc, which will come four years after the band's sophomore release. As to be expected, "Stay Alive" is a faceless aggressive rock tunes that lacks a memorable hook and "Everything To Lose" is more of the same, but at least is broken up by quieter parts that remain interesting. Oh, and there are lyrics on the disc, but they all seem to be about anger and angst and such.

Live is a good collection of everything Trapt has to offer, but inasmuch as that's not much to begin with, only fans or those needing some angry power chords need apply.

Rating: C-

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