First Landing

The Dynamics

Cotillion, 1969

REVIEW BY: Benjamin Ray


One of Detroit's most unrecognized soul groups, the Dynamics hit the charts once with "Ice Cream Song" from their 1969 debut First Landing. The album features the recognizable Motown sound, though it was recorded in Nashville, and does little to distinguish itself from the pack.

"Ice Cream Song" is slightly faster than a normal ballad, but isn't particularly great -- why it became a minor hit instead of the peppier "I Don't Want Nobody To Lead Me On" is a mystery. Of particular note is the urgent take on "Ain't No Sun;" were it not for the lyrics, one wouldn't even know it was the same song. The other cover, "Since I've Lost You," falls into the same Motown formula as most of the rest of the disc.

Those who love Motown, soul and the like will have a good time with this release. The songs are all short and poppy, many swing and lay down decent grooves, and the production is just fine. Yet this also means the songs don't distinguish much from each other or from the many other hits and misses coming out of Detroit in this era.

As it turned out, First Landing would be the first of two landings by the group, which would then evaporate. It's a fine slice of a bygone era but not one that holds up to repeated listenings. my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

Rating: C

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