Time Well Wasted

Brad Paisley

Arista Nashville, 2005


REVIEW BY: Elizabeth Crowder


"It was time well wasted / and there's no way I'd trade / a few more things that I could have crossed off my list / for a day I'll never forget." Our world has become so rushed and chaotic that a plea to slow down is refreshing and cathartic. Many times country music focuses on the slower life of the South (besides the old faithful 'lost my wife, lost my trailer, lost my dog' songs which people so lovingly bash this genre for). This mentality of taking life a day at a time is highlighted in Time Well Wasted.

Brad Paisley, a talented guitar player and songwriter, shows a broad spectrum of cuts on this, his fourth studio release. The addition of Dolly Parton (on the stunning "When I Get Where I'm Going," a song speaking of how life will be after death) as well as Alan Jackson ("Out In The Parking Lot") adds class to an already classic album. Paisley has an uncanny ability to strike a chord in each heart through his lyrics and expert guitar playing.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

Hands down, though, "She's Everything" is the song to pay attention to, a quirky love ballad that touts a woman who is "a cross around her neck and a cuss word cause it's Monday." As in previous songs written for his wife, Kimberly Williams Paisley (from the "Father Of The Bride" movies as well as the prime time hit "According to Jim"), there is a love for her imperfections. Something in how he describes even the worst personality trait makes light of those flaws showing them as assets instead of liabilities. As a woman, I appreciate the resonating point that the things we hate most about ourselves are frequently what the one we love cherishes.

Paisley also is reminiscent in the clever "Waitin' On A Woman," giving the perspective of an older man and younger man, both waiting on their wives. He moves the song beyond simply complaining of the time they are seemingly wasting to the importance of patience in any relationship. The older man tells that "I've read somewhere, statistics show, the man's always the first to go / and that makes sense, cause I know she won't be ready." Sweetly bringing a new view on an annoying problem gives the younger man a brighter view and helps anyone listening to this song take a deep breath and relax about those petty issues every relationship has.

Other highlights are the hilarious "Alcohol," on the history of drinking from a first-person perspective. The first person in this song is actually alcohol, which gives a tongue in cheek view of things like how it helps white people dance, can make anybody pretty and make you put a lampshade on your head. Brad adds old school country tunes with "Flowers" and proves his guitar playing prowess on "I'll Take You Back" and "Time Warp." The music is mind blowing, especially if you have ever seen Paisley play in a music video or in concert. Being someone who has had that chance at a concert before he was famous, I am in awe of the talent he has and the power his songs contain.

Time Well Wasted is definitely true to its title -- listening to this CD is time well wasted. Warm and welcoming, it makes me want to sit on a porch swing on a summer night while sipping sweet tea and listening to an acoustic guitar.

Rating: A

User Rating: Not Yet Rated


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