Taming The Tiger

Joni Mitchell

Reprise Records, 1998



The synthesizers are so warm. I've never heard such warm synthesizers outside a Hammond organ. It's euphoric in a fuzzy impression of hearth, good friends and wine in "My Best To You", it's the brief and otherworldly edge of twilight in "Man From Mars", it's the smoky colors and Billie Holiday in "Harlem In Havana". Her voice is so blues. It's the "kiss my ass" anger in "Lead Balloon", underflowing and sweet in "The Crazy Cries Of Love", understanding-exasperated-loving (somehow at the same time) in "Face Lift".nbtc__dv_250

Definitely not your generic folk (and folk is getting generic... what a paradox!). There are some songs where I thought "What? She did that? She's allowed to do that?", especially when she deliberately cancels entire beats in some bars, "bunking" them to the next one. Other times she has this enviable indifference when she borrows what she wants from different genres to produce her own sound. I feel jealous, because I'm shallow that way, and respectful because her talent is so there underneath the pie crust layer.

So some of the stuff is obviously a little too 70's. "No Apologies" disdains that "lawyers and loan sharks/are laying America to waste" and that our ecosystem is failing, while in "Face Lift" she talks about getting flack for "shacking up." But the title track Taming The Tiger lives in the current like no other track I've heard lately. "I'm a runaway from the record biz/From the hoods in the hood/And the whinny white kids/Boring!" Exactly. Squeeze in David Morales somewhere and I'll be yours forever.

Who should get this album? Aside from folk fans, I propose it to blues and Enya fans. It's an album worth the money and indulging oneself in. It's one of those albums one can fall asleep to. And as if it matters, it's practically on the best albums of the year list on every critical publication (including the Vault's own). You'll never want to go back to "genuine junkfood for juveniles."

Rating: A-

User Rating: Not Yet Rated


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