Gettin' High On Your Own Supply

Apollo 440

Stealth Sonic, 1999

REVIEW BY: Benjamin Ray



This 1999 release by forgotten '90s pop/techno band Apollo 440 will appeal automatically to fans of Daft Punk and Fatboy Slim, but you needn't like electronic pop to get into this. In fact, it could serve a good starting point.

The minor hit "Stop The Rock" starts things off with a cheesy organ and goofy lyrics; light, harmless, a catchy summertime hit that belongs on some late-90s hits collection, volume 14. "Crazee Horse" and "Cold Rock the Mic" are more solid, pop/electronica tunes with forgettable lyrics and decent beats. It's kind of like loud video game science fiction music.

The best song here is "Lost In Space," the amped-up theme to the movie. Snippets of the dialogue are played over a quick beat and crunching guitars. If the songs all sound similar in description, that's because they are essentially the same thing, but arranged in many different and creative ways, and the entire disc is just fun.

"Heart Go Boom" visits the Moby theme of an old blues-type lyric set to modern electronica, while "For Forty Days" is a Madonna-esque Ray of Light leftover. "Blackbeat" is the hardest song here, sounding like a Fatboy Slim vs. Emerson, Lake and Palmer collage, if you can imagine. "Stadium Parking Lot" could have been from the Beastie Boys' first album.

About half of the tunes are fairly generic, but the ones that work are simple and fun. Getting High on Your Own Supply never aspires to anything more.

Rating: B

User Rating: Not Yet Rated


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