Marc Broussard

Island Records, 2004

REVIEW BY: Tammy Childs


My first experience with Marc Broussard was through the television program Breakfast with the Arts. I immediately followed up with a trip to the local music store where I anxiously purchased the album Carencro. Once home, I played and replayed "Home", the first track, desperately trying to completely absorb the music. It is a raw, soulful tune, and Marc's self-assured character is at its strongest on this song. He knows he delivers quality entertainment, and that confidence is evident. "Home" states: "I felt the crowd breathe in and I closed my eyes, and we disappeared into the groove." And he's right, you can't help but get lost in this music.

Marc grew up in a small town in Louisiana, spending hours encircled with music. In the interview I heard he shared that his background includes a great diversity of influences. He played the blues with his father my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250 (Ed: Ted Broussard, former guitarist with the Boogie Kings) and performed Gregorian chants in church. He has obviously learned the benefits of voice control and breath moderation. Continually striving to expound on his abilities, he seems to be unaware of any limitations, and this allows him to tackle music that others might view as difficult or unrelated to their talent.

Carencro, although not specifically designated as such, is a collection of love song; love of family, love of home, love of music. The track, "The Beauty of Who You Are" is sensual and bluesy, and speaks of the support received from a special someone; that person that makes you believe in yourself. It's vocally strong and yet allows for the warmth of his intentions to flow through.

This album is so solid that it's difficult to pick just a few favorites, but to add to the previously mentioned two, I will add "Where You Are". This is poetry set to music. It has a lighter, airy quality but still has the ability to describe love and the need to be with the ones you cherish.

You won't find many like this gentleman. The realistic nature of a small hometown community has definitely played a huge role in the songs he chooses to perform. This is what makes his music sexy and provocative. He's not afraid of stretching himself, challenging new sounds, and revealing himself through his lyrics. Marc generally chooses to play nightclubs. He has a desire to touch each listener and perhaps the more up-close-and-personal venues appeal to his already friendly nature. He's a wholesome man and he knows he's a talented artist, however, he seems unaffected by the fans flocking to see him play. He still trusts and depends on the truth of his music, rather than on the hype. Perhaps this is the crux of his ability to draw you into the music.

Marc Broussard's ability to croon (as my grandpa used to call it) is not solely based on his rich, deep voice but also on the fact that he is genuinely multi-talented. You catch yourself singing along to Carencro, stumbling over the verses, yet completely satisfied and happy simply because he makes you feel as if you're part of the whole process.


Rating: A

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