Embrace Oblivion


Screaming Ferret Records, 2002


REVIEW BY: Paul Hanson


Tearabyte is a mixed-bag that is more pleasure than pain.

On one hand, the band wants to be taken very seriously as a metal band. As musical cousins to a Slayer or Anthrax, the band is a good to above-decent thrash band. Opening track "Road Rage" borrows, thematically, from the Offspring's "Bad Habit" (from Smash), spinning a tale of "pedestrians scatter run for your lives/ won't stop till your carcass/ is my finish line" following up with "you know I'll run you down."my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

The title cut of this release follows and is a good example of metal done right. Guitarist Kevin Mead introduces an errie theme before bassist/vocalist Al Mead and drummer Jeff Owens come in to drive the song about the "downfall of man is what is in store." The vocals are melodic and, for such a serious subject, deliver the message of a bleak outlook on life. The guitar solo is equally melodic, although short. Drummer Owens pounds a heavy backbeat with some tasty ride cymbal accents.

Then, on the other hand, you get to the quad of songs that finish out the CD. "Screaming Pig" (the abbreviated title of the actual title of this song) spits venom with its lyrics, so outrageously vulgar, that I can't help chuckle when I hear/read them. It seems to be the result of a late night, alcohol- soaked, beer bong bonanza of "how much can we throw into a song." Remarkably, the song is a gem musically. The following track "Pissing Contest" carries forward thematically the dissing of the subject as Al Mead questions, " . . . who cares/ when you claim to be something your [sic] not/ . . . friendship you'll never know/ meaningless unworthiness/ arrogance vengeance/ trust a word you don't understand/ your best friends are arrogance and ego." Obviously, this person is not on Mead's top 100 list.

The instrumental "Spear Of Destiny" is a good driving mid-tempo of thrash metal done right. The melody is interesting and the drums synch with the change into a straight-ahead thrash tempo. When that song ends, you get "Ring Of Fire", a Johnny Cash cover. Like "Screaming Pig", I can't help chuckle at this song. It is well-done, musically.The CD tracks in at 50 minutes and at the end of repeatedly listening to this CD, I am gathering this band's rehearsals would be a treat to sit on. They exhibit a sense of humor and can back it up with interesting music. I look forward to this band's future releases.

Rating: B+

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