Sounds Like Swiss


Beyond Before, 2021

REVIEW BY: Mark Kadzielawa


What a great and exciting archival release from Nektar.  This is a live recording from 1973 in Switzerland.  Songs from a few shows are combined into a whole performance.  The best feature of this set is the live DVD.  Archival footage from Nektar is very uncommon, which makes this release very special.  I was very excited to get this release.  In fact, I watched the DVD before even listening to the discs.  Both are great, but it was absolutely great seeing instead of hearing for once.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

The concert itself is wonderful, showing Nektar on the verge of breaking big. The band is still very hungry, and they seem very comfortable on stage. “Journey To The Center Of The Eye” is absolutely amazing, as is “Good Day” and “A Day In Life Of A Preacher.” Some deep cuts that show how strong Nektar were back in the ‘70s. 

There are some indications here of what was about to happen in band’s career; some breakthrough sounds already appear. That’s all I am giving away. Also, you see these guys looking very young. Many of these guys are still involved in the current version of the band, and let’s just say they no longer look like the boys on this DVD. 

When these shows were recorded, it wasn’t made with an intention of ever being released. There are technical imperfections, and many can argue about this or that, and while it’s not perfect, it’s perfect for me. As a fan, I am completely thrilled by this release. It’s definitely a gem; many thanks to whoever found and sanctioned this material. 

The set is beautifully packaged. It’s a digipack with glossy photos and some psychedelic images. It looks great, and certainly pleases the eye. There is a nice booklet with some liner from the band members explaining this release in a great detail. It’s enough to keep all of your senses occupied. 

Sounds Like Swiss is an essential purchase for any Nektar fan. A lot of love went into this, which you can feel and see. The band is electrifying on stage. It looks like this is a limited release, so open your piggy bank today.

Rating: A

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