Be-Bop Deluxe

Esoteric, 2019


REVIEW BY: Mark Kadzielawa


I remember seeing Be-Bop Deluxe’s name in print and thinking how silly it sounded. Yet the band’s name was popping out among my favorite groups. One day I came across a live CD, bought it, and was completely blown away. I no longer laughed at the name, and the music spoke volumes to me.  How does one miss such a great group? 

Futurama is band’s second album, released back in 1975. It’s already a huge step from group’s debut Axe Victim. It seems like the songwriting is getting even more melodic, and the songs are more memorable. Some great classics from this album include: “Sister Seagull,” “Between The Worlds,” and “Love With The Madman." In truth, there really isn’t a bad song on this album. They all flow beautifully as a whole. Futurama definitely comes from the time where bands made albums meant to be listened to as a whole. 

Musically, Be-Bop Deluxe has a very interesting style. Their music is definitely rock, the way it was understood back in the 1970s. Still, Be-Bop Deluxe manages to go beyond that. There are a lot of soft elements that simply enrich the music and allow the listener to recharge. The music has this sensitive edge to it, and it’s incredibly addicting.  It’s definitely very sincere, and as Bill Nelson claims in “Stage Whispers,” his guitar does not lie.

Bill Nelson, the mastermind behind Be-Bop Deluxe, wrote some cool liner notes and provides some good information behind this release and the band itself. The booklet is very nicely done with some good photos. In addition to that, there is another essay by Mark Powell. You definitely are walking away with a lot of trivia and info about Be-Bop Deluxe. The album was very nicely re-mastered from the original tapes, and the deluxe version includes a brand stereo mix issued on a separate disc. That’s a lot of bang for your buck.

Rating: A

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