Third Eye Blind

Mega Collider, 2019

REVIEW BY: Pete Crigler


On their sixth album, Stephan Jenkins and the rest of his friends that now comprise Third Eye Blind have tried something new. Recruiting outside help, they’ve attempted to create a record closer to what their live shows have become. The opening title track, also featuring Alexis from Sleigh Bells, is a nice opener, a stomper with lots of gang vocals. It’s quite surprising actually, considering most ‘90s alt rock bands haven’t been capable of pulling something great off lately (just look at Sugar Ray).my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

“Ways” is a decent but brief track that goes by too quickly. Jenkins tries a hip-hop vibe, but as a 55-year-old, he really can’t pull it off anymore and the song lands on its face. “The Kids Are Coming (To Take You Down)” is an okay track, coming across as an anthem for teenage rebellion, but it can’t quite go the distance and wraps up before anything powerful really happens.

Unfortunately, many of these songs feel like they’d be better suited as B-sides. The less said about the auto-tuned “2x Tigers,” the better off we all are. “Walk Like Kings” is a pop-rock trifle that offers nothing important and feels almost like a track destined to lengthen the running time, similar to the acoustic version of “Who Am I” tacked onto the end of the disc.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a Third Eye Blind disc without a song about doing drugs and being high. After all, “Semi-Charmed Life” is about crystal meth, for God’s sake. “Got So High” turns into a piano ballad about being so high, the experience turns transcendent. Guess what? It’s not that great of a track and leaves the listener wanting a bit more from the auditory experience. Even “Light It Up,” which contains a co-write from Billy Corgan, has potential to be a great track, but aside from Jenkins’ vocals – which really carry the whole thing – it feels like it’s missing a particular something that would have really put it over the top.

I wanted to like this record, but ever since the band essentially became Jenkins and company instead of a full band, it’s hard to support something that feels like a vanity project that needs to end. Jenkins can still come up with some great songs, but let’s face it, it’s never going to have the same feeling that it used to back in the day.

Rating: C

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