Paul Jacks

Tritone Records, 2018

REVIEW BY: Tom Haugen


A longtime member of the Alaska indie-pop outfit Smile Ease, when Paul Jacks goes solo he brings darker textures to a large dose of synth amid settings that allude to legends like Joy Division, Simple Minds and New Order.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

“Laid To Rest” starts the album off with a classic '80s post-punk meets New Wave vibe with shimmering synth and distant vocals, before “My Heart Is A Book” continues with firm synthetic drums, a dreamy atmosphere and a soaring appeal that's danceable yet still quite mysterious. Elsewhere, “Nightwave” gets muscular and playful with a sort of Pet Shop Boys on steroids type of feel, while “Lightning Lobotomy” finds the record getting into more cautious areas of pop, dance and even psych-rock.

Though there are just eight tracks on the LP, Jacks makes the most of each one. Side B offers the quirky and restrained “Thief Of Your Love,” the busy environment of the bright “Spy In Me,” and the ultra-stylish “Mr. Rollercoaster,” which sounds it could have soundtracked any number of '80s movies and carries a haunting, cinematic tone. The LP ends with “Light Year Radio,” a buzzing finish with nostalgic hooks and an undeniable energy that few could resist.

Unlike a lot of current synth-focused sounds, Defractor doesn't sound nearly as robotic as its peers, and even though there are heavy nods to earlier decades, it's still soaked in plenty of modern indie-pop ideas that surround giant hooks, formidable grooves and strong vocal work from Jacks. A unique listen that will appeal to aging punks just as it will pop enthusiasts and even house/ambient fanatics, this is an album that, had Jacks released it in 1986, might have earned him mainstream success. Instead, he's behind a fantastic, extremely well-structured debut solo album that any and all fans of electro-pop, past and present, should seek out and devour.

Rating: A-

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