…And That’s When The Golf Ball Hit Me In The Head


Winding Way Records, 2018


REVIEW BY: Pete Crigler


Okay, kids, hands up. Who remembers Huffamoose? Anyone? No one? Okay, that’s fine. Huffamoose, winners of one of the worst names in rock, were a second tier alternative rock band signed to Interscope Records and had a very minor rock radio hit in 1997 with “Wait.” They then disappeared after 2000-ish or so. Now over a decade since their last record, the band has come back together to please their old school fanbase and try to score some new ones in the process. I thought I knew what good ‘90s alt rock was. After listening to this disc, I have been converted and now realize I hadn’t paid attention to a very good band.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

“Send Out Your New Song” is a slow bluesy shuffle about the record industry and what they’ve been missing out on since their last disc. It’s kind of apropos for reviewing these things and it’s not a bad way to kick things off.

The nice acoustics of “Son Of A Gun” are quite distinct and very catchy. It’s definitely a song you’ll want to hear again and again. It’s very interesting and not at all what I was anticipating from this band. “Summer” is a nice little number that goes on much too long. These guys aren’t very guitar heavy and they’re lacking that distinctive ‘90s rock crunch, but what’s here isn’t terrible.

“Don’t Look Now” is another beautifully acoustic number that is exceptionally good, featuring really strong lyrics and good musicality. A personal favorite here is “Restaurant Manager,” a great upbeat ballad that just sounds great! I don’t really think anything else needs to be said about the song. Just listen to it and you’ll get it.

“Melinda Marion” is another slow burner, but that’s where these guys thrive. I’m getting a deep American Music Club vibe on several tracks, particularly here. There’s really an abundance of great tunes to be found here and I can’t believe I wasn’t familiar with these guys ‘til now. If you like your alternative rock slow and woozy, then you may just have found a great band and a great record.

Rating: B

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