The Noise We Leave

Treble Lifter

Independent release, 2017

REVIEW BY: Pete Crigler


Coming from the suburbs of Northern Virginia, Treble Lifter has their roots planted firmly in post-hardcore with a bit of regular good ol’ alternative rock thrown into the mix. Opening track “Wash It Down” has some of the cleanest production values I’ve ever heard and the vocals of Hendrik Osinga would have some people thinking about Page Hamilton of Helmet circa 1992. It’s definitely a song that lovers of hardcore will love.my_heart_sings_the_harmony_web_ad_alt_250

The rest of the record doesn’t necessarily follow the same path. “Half Full” swings along more like your regular alt rock with harsher vocals. It’s not bad but not as interesting as the title track, which is more driving and punishing. “Pulse” takes a simpler task, but Hendrik’s vocals and the overall power of the band really drive the song to an exciting conclusion, particularly the bass work of Andre Phillips. This song works well because it gives everyone a chance to show off a bit and still work together in a band setting.

The closing two tracks breeze by at a rapid pace. “Breadcrumbs For Lost Love” starts off a bit like thrash/speed metal but works like a Biohazard song – you know, the type of song you hear in a gang drama just before someone’s about to get beatdown. It’s the right type of aggression and musicianship that makes a song really work. The finale, “Straight To The End” feels like a good way to wrap up proceedings; it’s a good enough track but just one that doesn’t grab you by the throat until it decides to let go.

Hopefully, this doesn’t mean the end of this promising band. The world needs a lot more hardcore bands that are able to branch out and not just stick to the same formula over and over again. Maybe next time around, they’ll be able to get a complete full length out and really blow everybody away.

Rating: B

User Rating: Not Yet Rated



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