ArtistAlbumReviewerReview Date
T.S.O.L.The Trigger ComplexPete Crigler2017-02-16
Infectious GroovesGroove Family CycoPete Crigler2014-05-27
Sam LlanasThe Whole Night ThruPete Crigler2014-12-10
Mary's DanishAmerican StandardPete Crigler2015-06-13
The Ocean BlueBeneath The Rhythm And Sound (2015 reissue)Pete Crigler2015-12-26
The Suicide MachinesBattle HymnsPete Crigler2016-08-24
Lauren Hoffman & The Secret StormFamily GhostPete Crigler2017-03-10
Guided By VoicesPlease Be HonestPete Crigler2016-05-23
Mr. BungleMr. BunglePete Crigler2017-01-19
Peter FramptonPeter FramptonPete Crigler2015-08-25
FishboneIn Your FacePete Crigler2014-12-13
Nathan XanderSwiftly, SurelyPaul King2008-03-19
Adam And The AntsKings Of The Wild FrontierPaul King2007-12-17
Bob DylanStreet LegalPaul King2008-01-20
ChimairaResurrectionPaul Hanson2007-04-26
The DistillersCoral FangPaul Hanson2004-02-26
Hayseed DixieKiss My Grass - A Hillbilly Tribute To KISSPaul Hanson2008-03-18
Revelation TheoryTruth Is CurrencyPaul Hanson2007-02-01
QueensrycheOperation Mindcrime IIPaul Hanson2006-05-01
Mercury RisingBuilding RomePaul Hanson1998-05-08
Every AvenueAh! [EP]Paul Hanson2007-09-05
36 Crazy FistsCollisions And CastawaysPaul Hanson2011-12-20
Pen PalBest BoyPaul Hanson1998-07-23
Joe Stump's Reign Of TerrorConquer & DividePaul Hanson2002-11-12
Rise AgainstEndgamePaul Hanson2011-07-26
Duc'N It EasyOctober (EP)Paul Hanson2010-05-14
Pierce The VeilMisadventuresPaul Hanson2016-09-14
Various ArtistsThe Wizards Of Waverly Place - Songs From And Inspired By The TV Series And MoviePaul Hanson2010-01-27
KISSSymphony (Alive IV)Paul Hanson2003-08-11
One Step AwayFor The BrokenPaul Hanson2011-12-01

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