ArtistAlbumReviewerReview Date
SnotheadEach It And IChristopher Thelen1998-08-31
Frank ZappaGuitarChristopher Thelen2005-09-21
Black SabbathLive EvilChristopher Thelen2009-07-17
Raging SlabThe DealerChristopher Thelen2001-03-02
UtopiaTodd Rundgren's UtopiaChristopher Thelen1998-05-07
AC/DCLive At River Plate (DVD)Christopher Thelen2011-06-15
Natalie MerchantTigerlilyChristopher Thelen2002-10-01
Elvis PresleyHaving Fun With Elvis On StageChristopher Thelen2007-03-19
Van HalenFor Unlawful Carnal KnowledgeChristopher Thelen1997-03-06
Bob DylanSelf PortraitChristopher Thelen2008-01-14
The B-52'sThe B-52'sChristopher Thelen1998-10-25
Bob DylanNew MorningChristopher Thelen2017-04-14
Quiet Riot'89 Live In JapanChristopher Thelen2005-01-06
John LennonMenlove Ave.Christopher Thelen2008-12-18
Black Label SocietyStronger Than DeathChristopher Thelen2000-05-25
Greg Howard BandLiftChristopher Thelen2001-03-20
VehementUnbalanced For MankindChristopher Thelen2000-08-18
Sally OldfieldFlaming StarChristopher Thelen2001-10-23
AnthraxState Of EuphoriaChristopher Thelen2003-05-05
Magic MusicDark To LightChristopher Thelen1997-06-26
Adam SandlerThey're All Gonna Laugh At You!Christopher Thelen1999-10-03
Grand Funk RailroadOn TimeChristopher Thelen1999-07-13
The Big WuFolktalesChristopher Thelen2000-10-16
BostonWalk OnChristopher Thelen1998-03-31
Michael CrawfordThe Disney AlbumChristopher Thelen2002-02-11
L7Bricks Are HeavyChristopher Thelen1998-08-19
Frank ZappaThing-FishChristopher Thelen2005-09-19
Glenn HughesReturn Of Crystal KarmaChristopher Thelen2001-01-10
ToolUndertowChristopher Thelen1999-05-04
MarillionBrave (DVD)Christopher Thelen2011-03-30

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