ArtistAlbumReviewerReview Date
MaryslimSplit VisionChris Harlow2005-01-05
The Chelsea SmilesNowhere Ride (EP)Chris Harlow2005-08-18
Gaza StrippersLaced CandyChris Harlow2004-06-04
MensenOslo CityChris Harlow2003-09-16
Various ArtistsLast Train Oslo Presents No Music RequestsChris Harlow2005-06-08
The MormonesGuide To Good And EvilChris Harlow2004-04-22
TurbonegroApocalypse DudesChris Harlow2003-04-04
AmuletFreedom FightersChris Harlow2004-06-09
MustaschRatsafariChris Harlow2003-12-31
The DatsunsThe DatsunsChris Harlow2003-03-05
Sahara HotnightsJennie BombChris Harlow2003-07-02
Baby WoodroseDropout!Chris Harlow2004-08-27
BroadzillaLady LuckChris Harlow2003-12-01
MohammedBlackbomberChris Harlow2005-11-01
The Flaming SideburnsHallelujah Rock N' RollahChris Harlow2004-01-28
TriumphThunder SevenChris Harlow2003-04-11
HalfordResurrectionChris Harlow2003-08-01
Jethro TullThis WasChristopher Thelen1997-11-12
John GorkaThe Company You KeepChristopher Thelen2001-03-19
Chris SmitherLive As I'll Ever BeChristopher Thelen2000-08-14
The Nerk TwinsEither WayChristopher Thelen1998-02-02
John JacksonFront Porch BluesChristopher Thelen1999-07-28
Control DeniedThe Fragile Art Of ExistenceChristopher Thelen1999-12-07
Jim BrickmanPeaceChristopher Thelen2003-12-19
Amelia's DreamLove TattooChristopher Thelen2000-10-11
King TeeRuff RhymesChristopher Thelen1999-05-16
SoundtrackMad About You - The Final FrontierChristopher Thelen1997-05-30
From ZeroOne Nation UnderChristopher Thelen2001-09-05
MountainClimbing!Christopher Thelen2004-03-10
Van Halen1984Christopher Thelen1998-06-08

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