ArtistAlbumReviewerReview Date
SpielbergsThis Is Not The EndBenjamin Ray2019-02-06
Spice GirlsSpiceworldJB1998-06-16
Chris SpeddingJoylandDavid Bowling2015-03-18
Speck MountainBadwaterTom Haugen2013-05-29
The SpecimenDo U Damage (EP)Michael R. Smith2006-12-29
The SpecialsEncorePete Crigler2019-02-11
Britney SpearsBlackoutMichael R. Smith2009-12-20
Britney SpearsFemme FataleJeff Clutterbuck2011-03-31
SparksBallsTom Haugen2022-10-18
SparksLil' BeethovenTom Haugen2022-11-16
Spanky And Our GangThe Complete Mercury SinglesDavid Bowling2014-08-02
The Spaces BetweenLet's Leave It At This For NowBenjamin Ray2014-04-11
SouthforthRevolutionJason Warburg2000-07-27
Southern HaloJust Like In The MoviesTom Haugen2018-08-11
J.D. SoutherBlack Rose (Expanded CD Reissue)David Bowling2016-04-07
J.D. SoutherJohn David Souther (Expanded CD Reissue)David Bowling2016-04-05
SoundtrackThe Princess DiariesChristopher Thelen2001-10-06
SoundtrackAmerican PieChristopher Thelen1999-06-30
SoundtrackHighlander EndgameChristopher Thelen2000-10-18
Original ScoreRobocop (Nicolas Winding Refn Presents)Tom Haugen2016-03-31
SoundtrackErin BrockovichSean McCarthy2001-03-06
SoundtrackZero EffectChristopher Thelen1998-05-09
SoundtrackThe FogChristopher Thelen2000-11-16
SoundtrackShrek 2Jason Warburg2004-06-10
SoundtrackClublandChristopher Thelen1999-06-18
Original SoundtrackMetal Gear Solid 3: Snake EaterJeff Clutterbuck2005-02-17
SoundtrackTomorrow Never DiesAlfredo Narvaez1999-12-20
SoundtrackAgnes BrowneChristopher Thelen2000-03-06
SoundtrackThe Jungle BookChristopher Thelen1998-04-05
SoundtrackDisappearing ActsChristopher Thelen2001-01-17

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