ArtistAlbumReviewerReview Date
Charlotte & MagonLove HappeningGiselle Nguyen2009-05-29
Cheap TrickSilverChristopher Thelen2001-04-10
CherLiving ProofMichael R. Smith2009-11-08
CheshiresCheshiresPete Crigler2016-09-12
ChicagoChicago IIIBenjamin Ray2017-02-04
ChicagoHot StreetsJeff Clutterbuck2006-09-07
ChicagoChicago 17Jeff Clutterbuck2010-04-25
ChicagoChicago VIJeff Clutterbuck2008-05-24
The ChimerasHerDavid Bowling2010-05-28
Chinaman / 2 Live CrewStop Playin'Christopher Thelen2003-09-30
The ChipmunksA Chipmunk ChristmasSean McCarthy2004-12-24
Citizens of Contrary KnowledgeYou're What You Wish You Are...Jeff Clutterbuck2006-06-09
Eric ClaptonThere's One In Every CrowdDavid Bowling2011-01-24
Eric Clapton461 Ocean BoulevardChristopher Thelen1997-12-01
Eric ClaptonOld SockDavid Bowling2014-01-07
Eric ClaptonEric ClaptonChristopher Thelen1998-07-03
Eric ClaptonNo Reason To CryDavid Bowling2011-01-25
David ClementYour Free GiftSean McCarthy2003-02-18
ClydeClydeChristopher Thelen2001-09-03
Phil CollinsSerious Hits... Live!Christopher Thelen2000-03-18
Phil CollinsFace ValueMichael R. Smith2014-08-03
ConspiracyThe UnknownJason Warburg2010-03-25
Alice CooperZipper Catches SkinRoland Fratzl2001-10-18
Alice CooperFlush The FashionRoland Fratzl2001-10-15
Alice CooperLove It To DeathBill Ziemer1997-03-09
Alice CooperThe Alice Cooper ShowRoland Fratzl2001-10-13
Alice CooperAlice Cooper Goes To HellEric E5S162001-10-11
Larry CordleGive Me JesusCurtis Jones2017-08-20
Corrosion Of ConformityLive VolumeChristopher Thelen2001-11-23

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