Benjamin Ray's Reviews

ArtistAlbumReview Date
Emerson, Lake & PalmerThe Return Of The Manticore2005-09-01
Emerson, Lake & PalmerWorks, Vol. 22012-08-23
Emerson, Lake & PalmerBlack Moon2013-05-26
Et Tu BrucéSuburban Sunshine2013-07-16
EverclearSlow Motion Daydream2014-08-10
EverclearSo Much For The Afterglow2016-05-05
EverclearSongs From An American Movie Vol. One: Learning How To Smile2006-07-04
EverclearBlack Is The New Black2015-05-25
Donald FagenSunken Condos2012-10-12
Donald FagenMorph The Cat2007-02-10
David FaginFor Promotional Use Only2007-06-15
The FallWater ProjectBridge The Gap2006-02-17
Fatboy SlimYou've Come A Long Way, Baby2014-02-06
FilterCrazy Eyes2016-04-25
Finger ElevenFive Crooked Lines2015-08-16
The Flaming LipsWith A Little Help From My Fwends2014-11-13
The Flaming LipsPeace Sword (EP)2013-11-18
FlavianNatural Disaster2013-04-26
Fleetwood MacGreatest Hits2006-12-16
John FogertyThe Long Road Home - In Concert2006-11-14
Foo FightersSonic Highways2014-12-08
Foster The PeopleSupermodel2014-04-14
Mimi FoxPerpetually Hip2006-05-30
Foxboro Hot TubsStop Drop And Roll!!!2013-02-27
John FruscianteEnclosure2014-04-16
Future IslandsSingles2014-04-08
Peter GabrielHit2014-10-13
Peter GabrielPeter Gabriel [2]2016-04-23
Noel Gallaghers High Flying BirdsChasing Yesterday2015-03-17
Noel Gallaghers High Flying BirdsNoel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds2013-07-18

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Benjamin Ray's Articles

TitleTypeArticle Date
The Year That Was: 1973Essay2006-06-08
The Year That Was: 1982Essay2005-11-11
The Year That Was: 1991Essay2005-10-24
The Years That Were: 1969/1994Essay2005-03-21
2006: Hope Springs EternalBest of2006-12-31
Happenings Ten Years Time Ago...Essay2007-01-13
Two Books For The Price Of OneFeature2007-09-25
The Year That Was: 1987Essay2013-11-03
The Year That Was: 1992Essay2013-11-10
The Year That Was: 1983Essay2013-11-18
The Year That Was: 1997Essay2013-11-25
The Year That Was: 1984Essay2013-12-02
The Year That Was: 1964Essay2013-12-08
The Year That Was: 1993Essay2013-12-16
The Year That Was: 1966Essay2013-12-12
The Year That Was: 1998Essay2013-12-30
The Year That Was: 1969Essay2014-01-05
The Year That Was: 1984Essay2014-01-13
The Year That Was: 1986Essay2014-01-13
The Year That Was: 1990Essay2014-01-20
The Year That Was: 1967Essay2014-01-27
The Year That Was: 1989Essay2014-02-03
The Year That Was: 1985Essay2014-02-10
The Year That Was: 1994Essay2014-02-17
The Year That Was: 1995Essay2014-02-24
The Year That Was: 1980Essay2014-03-03
2013 In Rock: Comebacks, Returns To Form And EurydiceBest of2014-02-22
The Year That Was: 1965Essay2014-03-10
The Year That Was: 1996Essay2014-03-17
The Year That Was: 1972Essay2014-03-24
The Year That Was: 1968Essay2014-03-31
The Year That Was: 1970Essay2014-04-07
The Year That Was: 1976Essay2014-04-14
The Year That Was: 1971Essay2014-04-21
The Year That Was: 1977Essay2014-05-19
The Year That Was: 1975Essay2014-04-28
The Year That Was: 1981Essay2014-05-05
The Year That Was: 1979Essay2014-05-12
The Year That Was: 1988Essay2014-05-26
The Year That Was: 1974Essay2014-06-02
The Year That Was: 1978Essay2014-06-09
The Year That Was: 1963Essay2014-06-16
The Year That Was: 1999Essay2014-06-23
The Best Of 2014: The First HalfFeature2014-07-03
2014: Ben's Top TenBest of2014-12-15
You'll Go Over Like A...Feature2015-06-08
Can You Tell Me Where My Country Lies?Feature2015-08-17
Things So Much ClearerFeature2015-08-31
At The GatesFeature2015-09-28
Let Me In The SoundFeature2015-09-21
Why Do The Heathens Rage?Feature2015-10-19
I’ll Sing My Song To The Infinite SeaFeature2015-11-02
Where's Your Crown?Feature2015-11-23
Sweet EmotionFeature2015-12-07
2015: A Look BackBest of2015-12-18
It's Getting Better, ManFeature2015-12-28
Thinking Is The Best Way To TravelFeature2016-01-25
You Say You Want A RevolutionFeature2016-02-01
Give It AwayFeature2016-03-14
From The BeginningFeature2016-03-28
Everybody Has A GhostFeature2016-04-11
Any World That I'm Welcome ToFeature2016-04-17
I Live With FoolsFeature2016-05-09
These Crimes Between UsFeature2016-05-23