Here's To Another 20!

The Daily Vault at 20

by Mark Kadzielawa

To me, the Daily Vault was another window that allowed me to be creative. I was able to share my passion for the bands and records I was writing about. Also, it gave me an opportunity to write about bands that I couldn't write about in any other publication. Where other publications were restricted to a certain style, the Daily Vault was wide open to any musical type and trend. Being a music lover, I found it very fitting.

I completely admire the people behind the Daily Vault for their perseverance and belief. Two decades of music reviews – that's very impressive! And there were some crazy features over the years, like Wakeman Wednesday (even Rick Wakeman himself thought we were insane).

I was happy to be part of it, and I hope to contribute again in time. Here's to another 20!

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